About Us

eSCO Processing and Recycling, LLC in Rogers, AR is one of the most trusted providers in electronics recycling with over 40 years in the recycling business.  eSCO prides itself on providing customized programs for all e-waste streams in compliance with our zero electronic waste landfill policy. This is achieved by disassembling all e-waste that enters our facility to the most finite of commodities to eliminate the production of waste.

We offer peace of mind for organizations that are deeply committed to reducing their carbon footprint by creating responsible solutions through reentering product into the local market as much as possible.

“eSCO Processing and Recycling’s mission is to provide responsible recycling through our commitment to a “zero electronic waste landfill” policy and dedication to “cradle to resource”,” says Dewayne Burns, CEO.


Current Certifications and Memberships:

e-Steward Certified  

ISO 14001 Certified

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

ISRI Member

Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce Member

Arkansas Recycling Coalition Member

Southeast Recycling Development Council